CorkSorb for oil absorption

Sorbents designed for cleaning and containing oils and solvents.

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CorkSorb for oil absorption

Welcome to nature's own method

CorkSorb is a product series designed for spill control at sea and on land as well as for soil remediation. Products have been tested and certified by the German institute DEKRA and the French institute Cedre.

Cork granules are treated to make the cell membranes rupture to form an enormous area that easily absorbs oils, fats, solvents and other lipophilic matters.

CorkSorb products are simple to use on numerous types of spill and easy to recollect upon saturation. Sorption capacity is average 10 times the own weight for volatile liquids, e.g. gasoline, methanol and ethanol, and 25 times for liquids of high viscosity.

CorkSorb is distributed by Spikes & Cogs AB in Sweden: